Monday, April 5, 2010

Age Differences...Big deal? or big whoop?

Age they matter? In some cases, yes they do. In others, no they don't.

I think the main view point here is: Keep it Legal.





Most people fit into the last one, the last one is what is socially accepted. But we all know that everyone is different. I'm one of those "people within" thinkers. You could be 2 years older than me, or 20 years older than me, it doesn't matter as long as we can get along in some way.

There are limits to that statement of course when it comes to relationships of course. I am never going to go home and announce: "Mum, Dad. This is Bob. He's 97 and rich. We love each other." 

Not only would my mother kill me, but I would also probably throw up a little in my own mouth thinking about kissing someone who's 10 years older than my Pop. 

But is that to say that all relationships with age-gaps are a problem? Different in some way?
My answer to that is: No. We are all just people, living our lives and surround ourselves with other people who make us happy.

I have my own limitations on who I date, just because I like everyone else have grown up around stereotypes and have been influenced by them. I'm 18, so anyone over 30 is off limits in my eyes. This however, does not apply to everyone.

As so many people have said, "Age is just a number". In reality, if he's older than your limits.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Topic #1: Celebrities - Role Models or Train-Wrecks

Celebrities, we see them everyday, love them, look-up to them and some of us even try to be them. But with celebrities being the one of the biggest influences in our lives should we really be looking to them for everything? sure Angelina Jolie shows us how some of the world are living and how we can help, Tyra Banks teaches us that pretty doesn't mean dumb, Megan Fox taches us about what it means to be dumb and Miley Cyrus teaches us how not to raise our kids. But has there ever been one good example of a celebrity relationship?

Even the longest lasting and seemingly stead-fast relationships - Mel Gibson, Tiger Woods and more recently Sandra Bullock - have broken down.

Not to mention all of the boyfriend stealing, illegitimate children rearing, home-wrecking so and so's that are hanging around on the Red Carpet trying to be noticed by someone with status.

Yet our young ones are looking up to these people, modelling themselves off them and thinking that they can do no wrong. That the break-ups and cheating is normal...It's NOT.
Let us not even mention the shows that come to us, acted out by these big stars that make light of cheating:

boyfriend stealing:

and easiness:

Many people say that men create bitches from they way they treat us, but lets not forget the part that Hollywood plays as well.

I'm not saying don't have your fun, but don't do it because they're doing it. If your going to cheat, have children with other people or have questionable morals, fine by me, I can't stop you, but don't make it obvious, and have a really good story for when you get caught.

One thing celebs have taught us I suppose is: Hire a good lawyer when drawing up your pre-nup.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Do you love them? or are you IN love with them...

Love, deep down every person needs it, and sub-consciously everyone is looking for it.

Love is a feeling that fills you up, makes the world seem happier and a little bit brighter, makes the air around you crisper and the flowers smell nicer.

Some say "All you need is love" others say "one is not truly complete without it". I say, as long as you have some form of love in your life, whether it be that of a family, friend or lover, then that is all you can really ask for. Love may be free, but that doesn't mean we need to take it for granted.

Love doesn't always last, so while it is there, we must savour it, cherish it and remember it as best as we can.

Now there is a difference, a big difference between love and in love. Many people confuse it, which can be sad in a way because they are limiting themselves. In love is all in, no backing out and laying all your cards on the table. It involves trust, compromise and dedication for it to work, but the pay-off is completely invaluable.

Love however is a basic emotion, really, we need it to function.

To be loved, to be wanted, to be is one of the most fulfilling feelings in the world.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Contacting Me

I may be a busy bee when it comes to blogging, but I still have a dedicated happy dance reserved for comments, queries and opinions in regards to my blog.

Although I will be trawling the comments for any questions you may have if you would like to direct them straight to my email, that would also be fine too!

You may contact me at

Please give me about a days turn-around for answering emails, and about two days for requested blog posts.


Honourable Mentions

Ok so there will definitely be a few mentions of my cousin and my boyfriend on this blog, so I will give you some goss on who they are.

My Cousin - for the purposes of this blog she will be know as "Ash". Ash is my cousin, my best-friend and my wing-man (yes that is a HIMYM reference for those playing along). She picks up the pieces when I'm in between relationships and listens to me gush about the person I'm currently with. Ash works for City Chic and has a very keen eye for fashion. For the later photos that will be posted in regards to some of the outfits, it will be her that is behind puting them together. Ash was also the reason this blog was started.

My Boyfriend - My current boyfriend who we will call "TB" (short for Teddy-Bear) has been more of a rock to me in the time that I have known him than he will ever fully understand. TB and I have been seeing each other for a little under a month now, so it will be experiences with him that I will be referring to when it comes to progress, feelings, and the all important "Talk".

Who is this chick?

My name is Amanda-Lee, I am a sydney-sider who is addicted to blogging!

Currently I run 5 blogs including this one.
Storywings - The book review site that has grown to become my favourite internet baby
The Half-Dead Tortoise - the blog that follows my writing journey
Super Purple Monkey Bucket - the blog that gives me the freedom to let loose and give my opinions about anything and everything.
The Cookbook - the blog that holds the collection of recipes that I find from time to time and would love to try out.
LSD - It's Addictive - the blog that will soon be following my views on dating, love, sex, relationships and the differences between these things.

I am a trained accountant that works in my chosen field and a midnight writer. Writing has been a passion and a goal of mine since I was little. Blogging keeps me writing even when I don't have the inspiration to continue on with my current works in progress.

I love to look good, not that I always do, but I never step out of the house without some nice clothes on and a smile...mostly.

Having a cousin working for a fashion shop helps some :)

On a good day I might fit into a 12, but most days I'm a size 14 which leaves me open to being dressed up by my cousin whenever I walk into her City Chic store. Through her I developed the need to look nice when out. It was through my own devices though, that I fell in love with shoes...if you can find me a hot pair of heels I will love you forever.

Another blog?!?!?

Yes, my darlings another blog. For the first few readers I know, will have at least read one of my other blogs, so you guys will aready know that I am a book blogger, a writer, a budding chef and a crazy ranting bitch. Well with all of the time that I dedicate to blogging, my darling cousin suggested I do something useful and start a blog that might be picked up by City Chic, the company she works for.

City Chic requested Love, Sex and I'm offering it.